Make the Switch to LEDs

Jan 4 '12

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Make the Switch to LEDs

The simplest, and biggest green improvement for your holiday lighting is making the switch from the old-school incandescent light bulbs to LEDs. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) use only 10% of the electricity sucked up by their incandescent  counterparts. They have come down in price in recent years, just about matching that of incandescent AND will save you money in the long-run by saving you 90% of your holiday lighting bill. LED bulbs will last significantly longer than incandescent, giving you a full 100,000 hours. Also, in addition to making your wallet happier, you can view your bright, showy lights with a clean conscience knowing that your lights are using less caustic materials like mercury and tungsten. Also, you can rest happily knowing that your holiday lights are safe for your family as they are cool to the touch and fire-safe, unlike their spark-causing alternatives. If we haven't convinced you yet to upgrade to LEDs, here is the kicker: when one LED goes out, the rest of them stay lit! That's right, no more replacing every bulb in the chain to find out which one burned out.

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